Dr. Timir Tripathi

Molecular and Structural Biophysics Laboratory


Present Lab Students:

1.     Dr. Harish Shukla (Research Associate) : His research interest is focused on deciphering the mechanism of interaction of Aβ oligomers with human serum transferrin and thereby understanding the inhibition of amyloid fibrillation using plasmapheresis.

2.     Dr. Amit Kumar Sonkar (Research Associate) : His field of interest is yeast molecular biology and genetics. Presently he is working to understand the dynamics of mRNA export by identifying the interaction of mRNA with novel export factors and nuclear pore complex proteins using yeast as a model organism.

3.     Mr. Vijayakumar R. (Ph.D. Scholar, JRF) : His research is focused on unravelling the molecular mechanism of function and structural regulation of aminoacyl tRNA synthetase from  Fasciola gigantica.

4.     Ms. Parismita Kalita (Ph.D. Scholar) : Her current research is focused on biophysical characterization and understanding the structure-function relationship of a redox selenozyme from the liver fluke Fasciola gigantica

5.     Ms. Jupitara Kalita (Ph.D. Scholar) : Her work is focused on the molecular characterisation of GSTs in infectious liver flukes. Her research area concerns the structure, function, folding and stability of GSTs.

6.     Mr. Purna B. Chetri (Ph.D. Scholar) : He is working on the structural and functional characterisation of the major phase I detoxification enzyme- cytochrome P450 in the liver flukes.

7.     Mr. Rohit Shukla (JRF) : He is working on pharmacophore modelling, QSAR, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies of novel drug targets against parasitic diseases. His major area of interest is in silico drug designing and systems biology.

 8.     Mr. Denzelle Lyngdoh (JRF) : 

 9.     Ms. Radhika Singh (JRF):


Lab Alumni:

1.      Mr. Ramesh Chinta (Ph.D. at SJTU, China)

2.      Mr. Gaurav Chhetri (Ph.D at SJTU, China)

3.      Dr. Ankita Gupta (Post-doctoral fellow at IIT, Guwahati)